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We Have Moved

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Sports Day

On Thursday, June 2nd, our school had their spring sports day. It was a huge succes – with close to 20 stations, a hotdog lunch and freezies to end the day!

Way to go students and staff of IREC!

We have a GREAT last week ahead of us!

Field Trip

Please remember that our field trip is this Thursday.  We will be leaving for the Ellis Bird Farm around 8:40 and will return in time for buses. Please remember to double check that your child has a big lunch, a water bottle,  and that they are dressed appropriately. I am encouraging students to wear a hat, and to come to school already wearing sunscreen and bug spray.  Cross your fingers that the weather forecast stays looking great! Students are also encouraged to wear their IREC T-shirts

Hot Dog Lunch and Spectagular

On Monday, we will have a hotdog lunch at our regular lunch time. At 2:00 we will be participating in a schoolwide game of Spectagular on the field.

Report Cards and Last Day

Tuesday, June 26 is our last day of school. We will be watching the movie “The Jungle Book” as a wrap up to the year and a comparison to live performance we saw last month. Our report cards will be sent home on this day.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you so much for all of your support throughout this year. It has truly been a wonderful year and your children have SO MUCH to be proud of.

Students Blogs

We had such an exciting day in the computer lab today. We started the students in 3ES their own blogs. They have worked so hard to show that they are responsible digital citizens and ready to share their learning with others. I was so pleased to see them engaged, motivated and ready to write their first blog post this morning. Your child’s blog names follows the following pattern: first name last initial learningspace.weebly.com for example averyglearningspace.weebly.com.

Please take a few minutes and ask your child about their blog. It would also be greatly appreciated if you left them a comment to encourage them to keep writing.


iPod and iPad


I cannot believe it is already May. What a terrific year we have had so far. Here are the important dates to mark on your calendars for May and June.

May 1 – School Council Meeting/Parent Technology Information Meeting (7 pm)

 May 2 – A & W Hot Lunch and Town Clean-Up (weather permitting)

 May 3 – Extreme Assembly (1:50 pm)

 May 4 – No school (PD Day)

 May 11 – RDSO Quartet Performance (1:30 pm)

 May 15 – Language Arts Part A (Writing) Provincial Achievement Test

 May 16 – Marileez Hot Lunch

 May 18 – No School (PTI staff earned day off)

 May 21 – Victoria Day – No School

 May 25 – Crazy Shoe Day

 May 28  – Cornerstone Youth Theatre Performance Field Trip (More info to come)

 May 29 – Sports Day (weather permitting)

 May 30 – Blackfalds Motor Inn Hot Lunch

 June 1 – No School – PD Day

 June 7 – Sports Day Alternate

 June 12 – Language Arts Part B (Reading) Provincial Achievement Test

 June 14 – Mathematics Provincial Achievement Test

 June 15 – Tacky Day

 June 21 – Field Trip to Ellis Bird Farm (more information to come)

 June 26 – Participation Awards/Report Cards/Last day of school!

Celebration of Learning

Tuesday, April 17th from 3:00 to 6:00 and Thursday, April 19th from 4:00 to 7:00 we will be having our Celebration of Learning.

Please plan to drop-in and have your child take you through the stations set up in the class. Each station is designed to give you the opportunity to see what your child is learning in Grade Three. The students have been working very hard and are excited to celebrate their achievements with you.


What was your favorite moment during Celebration of Learning?